What a Year-Long Sabbatical REALLY Costs (Hint: It’s Less Than You Think)

January 7, 2009

We’ve consistently found that long-term travel is actually cheaper than being at home. It seems counter-intuitive, but the myriad costs of the “real” world really do add up.

Over at Wise Bread, professional hobo Nora Dunn actually does the numbers. The surprising answer? Not counting the opportunity cost of leaving your job or business behind, sabbaticals can be remarkably inexpensive. Nora’s entire 2008 year clocked in at about $20,000 for TWO. On her own, she figures it would have been about $14,000. That’s including things like plane tickets, and buying a cell phone and laptop!

Now, Nora’s not exactly living like a rock star, but she spent lots of time in Hawaii and Australia in 2008, which aren’t the cheapest destinations around.

Lea Woodward of Location Independent Living did a similar roundup of their 2007 year, with similar results. Not quite as inexpensive as Nora’s but surprisingly cheap nonetheless.

The lesson? If the imagined cost of a sabbatical is stopping you from escaping, just remember that it might be costing you more per day to stay where you are!

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