Take A Rent-Free Sabbatical by House Sitting

May 18, 2009

Over at Location Independent, Leigh Haugseth describes the ins and outs of house sitting as a way of keeping your costs down while on sabbatical.

…house sitting is a very cheap way to explore a destination without fully committing to it. And while a lot of these assignments are in more remote areas, there are also plenty in medium- to larger-sized cities.

For those wanting to be location independent and start a business that can be run anywhere in the world, house sitting is an inexpensive option, especially when starting out.

Having a rent free place to live while working takes some stress out of starting/running your business by reducing your costs even more and it can let you experiment with the lifestyle to see if it works for you.

Accommodation costs can be a big challenge for sabbaticals particularly if you want to relocate to a full house – house sitting can be a great solution. There are links to 5 reputable house sitting sites, including her favorite, Mind My House.

How to Live Rent-Free While Becoming Location Independent

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3 Responses to “Take A Rent-Free Sabbatical by House Sitting”

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  2. CherylK on January 4th, 2010 3:28 pm

    This is an excellent idea and one that my husband and I have been experiencing for about five years. We’re members of HouseCarers which is a housesitting connection based in Australia. It’s been a wonderful experience.

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