Commit To Your Sabbatical With StickK

March 31, 2008

StickK LogoSabbaticals can be challenging. Like saving for retirement, quitting smoking, losing weight and a host of other goals that never seem to come to fruition, taking a career break requires a commitment. The challenges is that it’s tough to get committed to your…err…commitment.

What’s really going on here? Why is it so hard to accomplish the things we want so much? The challenge is that desirable outcomes in the long-term (like good health or wealth) tend to require not-so-desirable actions (like exercising or saving money) in the here and now. The result? We avoid the less-desirable options, and put off for yet another day what we should do right now.

Enter StickK. It tries to leverage your psychological wiring by penalizing your lack of action. At StickK, you create a “Commitment Contract” for your desired goal – quitting smoking, or running a marathon, for example. Fail to butt out or stick to your training, and you’re subject to your chosen penalty, ranging from public shaming on the StickK site, to actual financial costs, which are donated to the charity you choose. To ramp up your motivation further, you can even have your money donated to a charity you hate if you fail to perform.

Using StickK to Lock In Your Sabbatical Plans

You can use StickK to get some leverage on yourself and accomplish a few of the steps that can help make your sabbatical a reality.

Some goals you might choose:

  • Pitching your boss, announcing your plans or otherwise going public at work with your sabbatical goals
  • Opening a savings account and setting up an automatic paycheck deduction
  • Buying plane tickets, or other financial commitments

A word of caution: make sure you set your penalty high enough that it represents enough pain for you to be sure you’ll follow through.


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