Living on a Jet Full-Time

March 30, 2008

Airline HomeAirport Journals has a piece on using retired passenger jets as homes. Maybe it’s just me, but I found the whole idea incredibly intriguing.

JoAnn Ussery, shown here, lost her home in an ice storm, and replaced it with a Continental Airlines 727.

Ussery named her dream house “Little Trump,” a reference to Donald Trump’s $16-million corporate jet, also a Boeing 727. The floor plan consisted of three bedrooms, a living room/dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry area and her favorite room, the master bathroom with a Jacuzzi, in what was once the cockpit.

The tail was anchored in 18 inches of concrete. The nose extended out past the shoreline of the lake, giving the 727 home a dynamic look, as if it were flying. The 11-foot-wide cabin looks roomy with the high-density airline seats removed. The 76 side windows and 10 cockpit windows provide ample illumination.

Her story is one of several on the site – have a look:
Airport Journals

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One Response to “Living on a Jet Full-Time”

  1. Guy at Midlife on April 25th, 2008 11:40 am

    Hi there, this is my first visit here, I clicked via Location Independent Living’s blog. I absolutely love the idea of a plane as a home. It is soo cool!!!

    I think I would like a couple of planes, forming a cross so that my house wasnt such a ‘tube’…

    ..and maybe I would have different styles of garden in each quadrant, a patio, a vegetable garden, a wooded area and a pond and waterlife wildlife garden.

    How all I need is to find a couple of planes no one wants anymore….

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the article. :O)

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